Tuesday, June 21, 2011

beach trip, pirates, and another book review coming up

Why is it so difficult to remember to take pictures when you have two kids?  I feel like I have all of these crappy camera phone pictures of our vacation this summer and no real, quality camera pictures at all and yet I still can't remember to get the camera out when my cell phone is already conveniently placed in my hand.

Ah well, such is life for now.  The kids and I have been at the beach for a week now.  My dad was able to come for a couple of days and then had to go home to work.  My mom left yesterday to go home for a few days and I'm hoping she'll come back and then we can stay a while longer instead of coming home Sunday as planned.  If not, then that's fine too as we'll have been here for 12 days.

We've had some good days on the beach and at the pool already.  Dad got to take Jules to play games in the arcade at the pier and worked with Josh in the pool.  We had a yummy gorgefest at Burro Loco before Jonathan got here and did some shopping at the outlets where believe it or not I managed to only spend 99 cents on this adorable dress.  (I had a merchandise credit.)

Jonathan got here on Friday and we've done more pool and beach time.  The weather has been gorgeous.  We took the kids to the Bass Pro Shops one day which was sorta fun.  Actually, Jonathan and the kids loved it but I think that place is about as fun as a night spent in Lowe's Home Improvement. It's just not my cup of tea.

Julianna was the sweetest big sister and rode with Josh on the mall train.  He was so excited about it and kept saying "Choo! Choo!" over and over again but then his eyes got as big as saucers when the train actually pulled away from us with him on it.

Mom kept the kids one night so Jonathan and I could go out.  We had Carraba's (the best restaurant on the planet) and Froyoz. Score!  I was having frozen yogurt withdrawals since leaving my beloved Yoforia back at home and was excited to discover this place as we were walking around Broadway at the Beach.

Last night we rode down to the old Pavilion which is now Plyler Park and they had a kids carnival with bounce houses and Josh's favorite of the evening: a tall man!  We had dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise (and their menu had changed a bit and we were both disappointed) but it was still good.

Tonight we've got tickets to Pirate's Voyage which is what Dolly Parton changed the Dixie Stampede into.  It opened a month or so ago and we're excited to see how the kids like it.  Should be an adventure, matey's!

I'll post more about that tomorrow.  Hopefully, I'll remember to get the real camera out so you won't have to see these yucky phonophotos anymore.  And I've also got another book review coming up this afternoon so stay tuned, friends!

Questions of the Day:
- Have you ever been to one of those dinner theater attraction places? What did you think? I've been to a wide variety and I think they're great one time.  I wouldn't go to any particular one more than that.

- What good books have you read lately?  I've been reading a lot lately.  You'll hear more about that soon.

- Do you prefer the beach or the pool?  I think I prefer the beach if you have nice chairs, but I think it's easier by yourself with kids at the pool.  Really, love them both.

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