Wednesday, June 22, 2011

twenty months

Dear Joshy,

I suppose if we occasionally call you that then it's OK for you to call Julianna "Julesy."  Because whether we like it or not, you do.

Possibly the most endearing thing you've started to do this month is call your stuffed monkey "Ha Ha."  I'm pretty sure it comes from the noise we make when we say, "What does a monkey say?" but you've just started calling all monkeys "Ha Ha" despite the fact that you can say "monkey" fairly well if we ask you to.

The language explosion is still amazing.  You say so many words and phrases that it's getting pretty easy to communicate with you.  You ask for cake and candy almost anytime we go somewhere in the car.  It's odd, but also hilarious.  Especially when it's followed by you screaming "SUN!  EYES!"  You demand a "Poon!" and "Fork!" whenever we're at the dinner table and unfortunately fork sometimes comes out more like fuh-ck. This makes restaurant dining... interesting.

One day you pointed at the TV and asked for "Carly" meaning iCarly.  "Please. Now," you insisted.  This is a story I am going to save for your future girlfriends. 

On our usual bike ride each week you can tell me almost everything that's coming up along the way.  For example, you tell me before we get to the part near the golf course, you tell me before we get to the big rocks, and you tell me or ask me if the water part is going to be dry or wet.  It's a constant conversation during the whole ride with you.

You went to the eye doctor at the hospital to get your tear duct checked out.  You'll probably have to have surgery next month just so they can manually clear it out.  The doctor said it wouldn't get better on it's own.  While we were waiting for your eyes to dilate you squatted in the waiting room and told me you were going to poop.  I of course, had left the diaper bag in the car, which is beside the point.  I'm proud of you for telling me when you're about to go.  You're going to be a mess to get fully trained though.

You've had a lot of fun playing with play-doh over the last month or so.  You constantly ask for mommy to make it into a ball for you.  Another thing you enjoy is dancing.  It's easy to tell when you're happy because usually it's accompanied by an adorable little foot stomping dance.  You quickly tap your feet up and down and then lean your body from side to side usually with your eyes twisting off to the side as well.  I can't quite describe it accurately but you'll have to take my word for it when I say that you enjoy being so cute.

Timeouts are getting so much better.  When you hit your sister we ask you not to.  When you continue to hit her we ask if you want to go to timeout and you say, "No."  When you hit her again we pick you up and put you in timeout which you protest.  Sometimes you get down and we have to warn you to stay sitting down or you'll get a spanking but most of the time now you can make it through the whole minute in timeout without getting a spanking.  I'm so glad to see progress and understanding.  That first month disciplining you with timeouts was very hard.

Eating is going much better. You definitely don't eat quality food, but you certainly eat more quantities now.  I guess that's a good thing.  Every single meal felt like WWIII for a while there.

Joshua, we've had a great month.  I just love you as a twenty month old.  I know I'll love you every month after this as well, but sometimes I want to capture things you do at this age and freeze them for a while.  Like whenever you want someone to pick you up you always say, "Hold you."  I absolutely love it and there's no way I could ever turn you down when you say that.  Just so you know, you'll never be too big to come and tell me, "Hold you."

I love you, Buddy.

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