Tuesday, June 14, 2011

last day and other things

It's finally the last Teacher Work Day for me.  Yippppeeee!!!!  It couldn't come quickly enough!

We've not been up to much at our house and man is it NICE!  We've mostly just been playing.  Yesterday we made these dinosaur shoes out of old Kleenex boxes.  I saw the idea in an old Family Fun magazine and the kids needed no encouraging to do it.

(Don't ask what he's wearing.  This was like the third outfit change of the day so I just pulled dirty clothes out of the laundry room.)

We've also spent some time playing the in water and enjoying the sunshine and shade in the backyard.  Yes, and also sitting in time out.

We've paid a visit (or two) to Yoforia.  We are addicted, no?  Sooooo good!

And ridden on a zebra or two:

We've gone on a couple of bike rides and watched/played a quick softball game.

Now we're getting ready to head to the beach for a while.  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.  I feel like one of those kids from the Disney commercials.  You know the ones where the parents wake the kids up in the middle of the night and tell them to get in the car because they're going to Disney?  My dad is actually taking two days off (which is the miracle of miracles) and coming with us.

I've told Jules that we have to go on a six mile walk every day before we can even consider going to the arcade at the pier.  Hopefully that tactic will work and keep me exercising.  At least I'll have some help with the kids this year and won't need to run out looking for a double stroller for sale.

Questions of the Day:

-What are your plans this summer?
-Are schools out where you live?
-What toppings do you like bes ton your froyo?

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