Thursday, August 9, 2012

by the numbers

  • miles run last month: 40.6 (I've already run half that in the first week of August)
  • books I still want to finish before the summer is over: 8
  • days until school officially starts (with kids): 19
  • Olympic events watched this week: 1,248,754 (well, maybe not that many)
  • pounds lost since school got out: 14 (wahoo!)
  • times my daughter has changed her mind about which after-school activity to do this year: 9
  • the high temperature today: 89 (much better than last week)
  • fights broken up in my house today: 5
  • number of home improvement project we should have done this summer: 13
  • total seasons of How I Met Your Mother available on Netflix: 6
  • number of seasons we've re-watched this year: 5
  • percent salary increase given to NC teachers the last several years: 0%
  • percent salary increase given to NC teachers this year: 1%
  • percent salary increase deserved: 50% (but 1% is better than none, right?)
What's a number related to your life today?

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