Sunday, August 12, 2012

we told the kids we were off to tour the county jail

This morning we found ourselves with two wild children and nothing to do so we drove to Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury, NC. We had never been before and had always heard good things about it so we decided to check it out.

First, we played on the umpteenmillion playgrounds.

Then we went on the carousel.

After the carousel we took a little train ride.

I got stung by a stinkin' yellowjacket while waiting for the train ride to be over.  After that we headed to the paddle boats.  It was a gorgeous day.

Jonathan ran almost eight miles this morning so naturally when he made a comment about how women can't drive I told him that he and Jules were going to be our paddle boat drivers.  Then the three of us enjoyed the ride around the lake.

After that we went to the petting zoo and also to mine for gems which the kids LOVED. How many of you have children who thought they were rich the first time they went gem mining? So cute.

Anyway, we had a great time. It was a nice way to spend a beautiful Sunday at the end of summer.

Now off to watch the Olympics Closing Ceremonies!  Goodnight, y'all!

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