Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"The #1 Fitness Headband in the World" :: giveaway

I saw a sticker on a car the other day that really made me chuckle.  You know those oval stickers that are black and white and usually have letters on them telling where you like to vacation (like OBX) or numbers on them telling how far you ran that one time (like 13.1)?
Anyway, all the one I saw the other day had on it was 0.0.  I thought that was pretty funny.  Apparently running just isn't for them.

I'd like to suggest that maybe they hadn't tried a Sweaty Band...?  My mom gave me a Sweaty Band for Christmas last year and I love it.  I had been on the search for a headband that wouldn't slip off my naturally straight and oily hair during exercise.  Even those headbands with the rubber grips on the back won't hold in my hair when I run making it miserable to go any more than two minutes or so without pieces of my non-bangs falling in my face.

My Sweaty Band doesn't slip off like the expensive Nike ones I bought at the sporting good store either.  It has a velvety back to it and it holds tight on my head.  I cannot recommend it enough.

They come in a variety of styles, colors (even glittery ones!), and widths.  Each band usually runs around $15.  There are some really cute ones on clearance now too.  I'm kinda partial to the red, white, and blue stripes, stars (pictured below), and the slow and steady wins the race ones.

Thanks to the kind folks at Sweaty Bands I have a fun giveaway today!  To enter to win one of the bands pictured below leave a comment on this post telling me a sweaty product you'd choose from the Sweaty Bands shop.  I'll randomly pick a winner Saturday at noon and get your Sweaty Band in the mail in time for you to wear it for next week's workouts.  Feel free to share this giveaway on Twitter or Facebook for an extra entry, just leave a comment to let me know that you did.  

Full disclosure: I was not compensated for writing this post, but I was given a Sweaty Band to keep and one to give away.  As usual all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


merritt said...

I've seen that bumper sticker, too! It makes me laugh, but maybe that's because I'm the person that doesn't run.

The Sweaty Band looks awesome. I went to their site and it's such fun. I like the chakra dots one. I'm trying to motivate myself to do a Couch to 5K plan and one of those would be so handy. Count me in for the giveaway!

RLR said...

I figure I have - over the course of a few 5ks - earned at least at 13.1 :)

I have a big noggin, and if I'm not wearing a hat, I'm wearing a sweaty band! I love Blossom and Fall In - though neither would match any of my running clothes (not that it really matters, right?). So many fun choices, though - Strut Your Stuff, Hooty Tooty Owls, 10000 Fireflies, Sand Dollar (in green!), Dapper (in pink!). I spent a little too long on the site :)

Thanks for the fun giveaway! I'm committed to getting back into a good routine when the kids are back in school. Not long now!

Whitney said...

I love the "Inhale" in Cream and Green or Green and Blue. I also think "Strut Your Stuff" is pretty. Both are in the floral category on their website.

Andrea said...

Hey gal...I actually have on e and forgot all about it...wouldn't mind another :)

Nanna said...

I like the polka dots!

Viven said...

Do you have an update. This post was almost a year ago.

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