Saturday, August 25, 2012

top ten favorite things about being a mom of a 6 and almost 3 year old (at the moment)

  1. When he's so easy to take for granted, the kids make me super-thankful for my husband.
  2. They still build with blocks, enjoy playdough, and like craft projects.
  3. They're both too big for the jogging stroller now = no more running pushing a stroller.
  4. Sometimes they make me feel like if I can be their mom then I can do anything.
  5. One still naps and one doesn't which provides a little time for one-on-one time.
  6. We don't argue about curfews, cell phones, and haven't had to have "the talk" yet.
  7. No more sippy cups.
  8. No more diapers.
  9. The six year old can read to the three year old.  She can also push him on the swing.
  10. Being interviewed by an almost three year old with a marble stuck on the end of a Nerf dart as a make-shift microphone is just plain hilarious!

1 comment:

StephLove said...

Nice list.

Mine are 11 and 6 so we overlap but just barely. I've been enjoying the independence of two in full-day school for the past year, esp. since I work from home.

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