Thursday, April 25, 2013

I love the freeze-frame on that last one

If it were up to me this post would be about my impressive immune system and my body's awesome ability to not be affected in any way by Spring allergies.  Or at least that's what I was telling my co-workers yesterday outside at bus duty while they sniffed and wiped and complain about the dang pollen currently overtaking our state.  "I don't ever seem to be affected by pollen," I bragged.

Yeah, right.

After school we played a bit of tee ball/softball in the front yard and I mostly played photographer in the grass, but did take a couple of swings and ran after some stray balls.  By the time we got the kids ready for bed my throat felt like razor blades and I couldn't hear out of one ear.  Every time I swallowed it felt as if I were swallowing the Target brand of children's ibuprofen (you know, the one that is so thick it makes Julianna gag and throw up her dinner? yeah that one).

I laid down on the bed "just for a minute" at 8pm and I didn't get up until Jonathan got out of the shower this morning.  I vaguely remember looking at the clock around 10:50 or so but I couldn't make myself get up to even put on pajamas.

When I woke up this morning I felt a bit better (despite the headache) but the anger at myself trumped any remaining allergy symptoms.  I was mad at myself because I didn't run yesterday. 

I set a goal a while back to try to run every day in April and I made it every day until yesterday.  I'm still going to finish out the month strong, but it will suck to have done the whole month except for one day out of 30. 

Oh well, right?  You win some and lose some.

For evidence just take a look at the kids batting.

If you look closely you can see Josh grabbing his wedgie

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