Friday, April 5, 2013

one time at basketball camp

Jules has been going to Basketball Camp all week since we've been out of school on Spring Break.  Honestly, she hasn't really enjoyed it but she wanted to go and we signed up for it and paid for it so she's continued to go.

I think after the first couple of days she was just exhausted.  She runs every day for three hours straight and then we've done a bunch of activities every afternoon as well so I know she's been worn out.  I don't think she expected it to be so much exercise.

I tried to keep emphasizing that she was just going to have some fun, not to become an excellent ball player or win any awards.  She never seemed to hear me even when she nodded.

Monday after Josh and I picked her up from camp we headed to Triad Park for a hiking adventure and then an hour or so on the playground plus a long walk back to our car on the other side of the park.

That night she had her first sleepover so of course that wore her out too.

Tuesday afternoon she almost broke down while we were starting a craft and it really hit me just how much she'd been going lately.

After an early bedtime Tuesday night and winning a layup competition at camp Wednesday I think she is enjoying it a lot more now.

Yesterday morning was the final day and I'm so proud of how much she has learned.  I really didn't expect her to do as well as she did, but it turns out that she's gotten pretty good at shooting baskets.

She got a trophy for winning the free throw competition and a medal and certificate for participation which makes her incredibly happy

I'm proud of my girl.  Mostly I'm proud of her for sticking with something she didn't like at first, but also for doing so well at it.

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