Wednesday, April 3, 2013


A Facebook friend signed up for Nature Box a while back and it was something I'd looked at before so her pictures encouraged me to check it out again.

If you haven't heard of it, NatureBox is a company that makes a variety of healthy snacks and ships them monthly to subscribers.

I signed up for the middle sized box which included 10 packages of 5 different snacks (2 packages of each kind) and with my promo code it was only $25 and free shipping which makes them about $2.50 for each 4.5 oz snack. (There's always free shipping in the US.)  I thought that was a decent price and I've loved everything I got in my first order.  I ordered it on a Friday and the box came the following Thursday which was a nice turnaround I thought.

Let me tell you what they sent.  First, I opened the Toasted Cheddar Stix which were absolutely delicious.  They taste a lot like a Cheez-It but they're all natural and no preservatives.  Plus, Josh likes them which is a HUGE deal to me since he is such a picky eater.  The bad thing is that I almost don't want to share.

Next I tried the Sunshine Chips which are rainbow potato ships made out of sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, taro, and crunchy green beans.  They're delicious too, surprisingly sweet and since there's nothing but seasoning added to them I know they're good for me.

I also tasted the apple chips made out of Granny Smith apples.  They're probably my least favorite but that's because I've never really liked apple chips.  Julianna liked these a lot though and I will definitely eat them I just would prefer another kid of dried fruit.

Later I tried the Honey Mesquite Almonds and Roasted Kettle Kernels both of which I enjoyed.  I could see adding either one to a salad if there's any left next week, but so far I've just been walking by the bags of these and grabbing handfuls.  I don't really even like almonds but the flavor on these is really good.  Not surprisingly, the Kettle Kernels taste a lot like kettle corn and I love how crunchy they are.

I am really pleased with this service and I've decided to continue my subscription.  You can't beat the taste and the convenience of having healthy snacks delivered right to your door.

You can sign up too and save $5 by using code "HEALTHY" for a discount off your first NatureBox! If you sign up, I'll receive a referral credit too so please consider using this link:

NatureBox also donates a meal to Feeding America for every box they ship so you help others a little bit too when you place your order.

I'd love to know what you think if you try it.  

Edited to add:  If you use Earndit to track your fitness and activity points there's a code on there that you can redeem points for $10 off your first NatureBox and $10 off your second NatureBox which the company so kindly let me redeem even though I'd already subscribed last month.  Pretty sweet customer service!



merritt said...

This is interesting. Do you have any say in what you get each month?

Courtney said...

Actually, they've changed it recently to where you can request what you get each month although you couldn't do that when I ordered. That being said, part of what I like about it is trying new stuff so I still probably won't pick and choose for my next box.

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