Monday, April 8, 2013

the conundrum with finding a new feed reader and a potential solution

When Google Reader announced that they'd be practically shutting down their feed reading service in July, like everyone else I was dumbfounded.  I even tried to capture my disappointment on Instagram that week.

I checked out Feedly like a bunch of others and wasn't impressed but that's honestly probably just because I couldn't get the hang of it.  Then I saw where Zoot recommended The Old Reader.  I immediately looked into it too.

It took Forever to import my posts, but I didn't really want to start over gathering feeds so I waited. (Really Forever probably equals a few days here.)

Now I've been using The Old Reader for a couple of weeks or so now and there's several things I like about it that I wanted to share.

First, I like that you can like posts again.  At the bottom of each post there is a like and a share button not just the share button that Google Reader had changed to include.

Plus you can log-in with your Google Account or your Facebook account which means you can share posts and interact easily with your friends through email or Facebook.  I love this feature.  To me, it makes it more social than Google Reader was.  For instance, when I share a post it goes in my friends' feed list just like it used to way back in the day in Google Reader.  The best part is that I can put a comment on the post that appears at the top of it so before my friends read it they can read my comment about it.

Everything else works much the same that Google Reader worked which is nice because you don't have to learn a new way to use your reader.

Anyway, if you're missing an easy way to keep up with blog posts or other (news, social, etc) sites that update regularly then I encourage you to check out The Old Reader.  It makes it a lot easier to keep up with the stuff you want to read and then share it with people who are important to you if you want.

I'd love it if you'd come back to let me know what you think if you've found another feed reader or if you look into The Old Reader.

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