Thursday, April 4, 2013

stories (otherwise known as the joshua files)

We went to the pediatrician last week for Julianna's check-up and while the nurse was in the other room with Jules testing her hearing, Josh and I headed on back to the exam room.  As soon as we walked in he asked me to measure him against the wall.  When I did just that he asked, "Am I tall enough to ride the rides now, Mom?"

I guess we've talked about the value of his height at Disney a wee bit too much.


We went on a short bike ride last night around the neighborhood and when we got back to the house Julianna and Jonathan started playing basketball in the driveway.  Josh looked over at me and said perhaps the best words I've heard all week.  He said, "Let's go, Mom! I want to go run a marathon!"


Jonathan and Josh took one night recently to go visit Grandpa.  On their way back home after working on cars all evening they needed to stop and get a bite to eat since they'd skipped dinner.  Jonathan asked Josh what he wanted to eat and Josh answered, "Bacon."  Jonathan told him he'd have to eat more than bacon for dinner and Josh replied, "Bacon and sausage."  So again Jonathan says, "Well, we have to eat more than bacon and sausage. We need some hash browns or something to go with it."  "Okay, Dad. I'll have bacon and sausage and hash browns."  So they went to Bojangles.  The end.

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