Wednesday, May 15, 2013

now that it's Wednesday I'll finally tell you about my weekend

It was such a nice weekend.  We went to the Centennial Celebration for Winston-Salem on Saturday.  First we watched the parade and then went to the Party in the Plaza for a bit.



We bought a bottle of the Hundred Foot beer specially made at Foothills, the local brewery.  Good keepsake.

We saw this funny license plate in the parking lot.  I said, "Look Jules! I'm a Jonathan Tucker fan!" and she replied, "Why not a Julianna fan?"

We also grocery shopped and cleaned on Saturday, plus I got to run with my training group Saturday morning.  I had a health and wellness screening after the run and I found out that my BMI is down to 25 which puts me back into a normal weight category instead of overweight.  My cholesterol was incredibly good (110) and blood pressure great having come from a run (129/75).  I was thrilled with the results and motivated to get even better numbers in six months.

I also got to cook some yummy things which made me really happy.  I tried out Gina's recipe for BBQ Zucchini Chips and I made a clean Nutella Banana Bread recipe that I found on pinterest.  Both turned out excellent.  You can tell I snatched a bunch of zucchini chips after they came out of the oven.

Sunday we had church and then a Mother's Day lunch at our house.  Jonathan grilled burgers and I tried out a recipe for black bean turkey burgers that I found on  Topped with corn salsa and sliced avocado it was wonderful!  Here was my Mother's Day lunch:

We played ball in the yard a bit, watched Julianna's "bow and arrow show" and took a few pictures.

I got to go run with a friend Sunday afternoon which was all I really wanted for Mother's Day.  It couldn't have suited me better.

I hope you all had equally amazing weekends!  Make the rest of this week a good one!

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