Wednesday, May 15, 2013

nature box

I'm so frustrated because I had this post all typed out and there was one picture that I wanted to edit out some of the clutter in my house that was showing up in the background and then I came back to insert that one dumb picture and accidentally deleted the entire post.  GAH!!!!  Anyway, here goes try number two!  I'm only re-doing this whole thing because I love Nature Box so much.

My second NatureBox was delivered sometime early last week.  You can read about my first one here.

It was a very long day at work and for whatever reason we got home around 7:40 and I went straight to putting the kids to bed.  Jonathan came home in the middle of that and as soon as I had the chance to change into PJs and flop on the couch, I saw down and tore into my package.  This is the picture that Jonathan snapped and subsequently the one that I wanted to edit before I posted it.  See all that junk in the background? Yeah. Please ignore that.

This time I tried customizing my box and I picked the following items to be delivered:
  • Firecrackers
  • Blueberry Nom Noms
  • Barbacoa Peas
  • Southern BBQ Sunflower Kernels
  • Wild Berry Bunch
Guacamole Bites were also included in my box as a Bonus snack but I didn't pick them.  NatureBox folks were just kind like that.

So I got two of each snack and loved all of them but the Firecrackers which didn't have much flavor to me.  Here's what they all look like.

the Bluerberry Noms Noms were my favorite this time, really soft and fresh like a blueberry clif bar

Barbacoa Peas, crunchy and flavored and not like something I've ever had before

BBQ Sunflower Kernels, will be great on salads

Wild Berry Bunch, LOVE, will use in salads, homemade granola bars, and eat by the handful

Guacamole Bites taste a little like Chili Cheese Fritos, nice size and good crunch


Twelve good sized snacks that are yummy and good for you is not bad for twenty bucks!

You can sign up too and save $5 by using code "HEALTHY" for a discount off your first NatureBox! If you sign up, I'll receive a referral credit too so please consider using this link:

NatureBox also donates a meal to Feeding America for every box they ship so you help others a little bit too when you place your order.

I'd love to know about it if you decide to place an order.  I'm going to stick with it for at least another month so I'll keep updating when I get my boxes.

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