Wednesday, May 1, 2013

running totals for april

I tried to run every day in April and then that one stinkin' nap made me sorta forget the last few days.  I still think I did pretty good though.  Here was my mileage for April: 73.4.  Certainly not what I was hoping for, but decent I guess for a month where I wasn't training for anything in particular.

I ended up running every day except for April 24, 26, 28 and 29.  Kinda tanked there at the end when I got that dumb cold.

In retrospect, I probably won't try something like that again because it really hurt my legs more than I thought it would.  I actually think it would have been easier on my body some days to just do an eight mile run on day and then take a few days off as opposed to running two miles four days in a row.

It also made me start picking up my speed more since I was running shorter distances and while that's not necessarily a bad thing, it did make me feel like I HAD to go faster each time which sort of sucked the joy out of it.

Finally, it got my body accustomed to running one or two miles instead of my usual three or four mile mid-week runs.  No, thank you.  I want to get back to doing three or four miles several times a week and then six or seven on a Saturday.

Plus, I kinda want to prove the Family Circus kids wrong.

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RLR said...

I have a similar plan to the one you mentioned at the end - two (maybe three) short runs during the week and a longer run on Saturday. One of the weekday runs is usually a tempo run, and one hills (I try to skip track workouts as often as possible - blech!).
I just started a boot camp today - two times a week during May - so I don't know if I'll be able to include three runs as well. We'll see!
I think it's cool that you kept up with your mileage. I've never really paid much attention to a monthly total, but I bet it would be interesting to look back at my Garmin data....

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