Wednesday, May 8, 2013

top of the list: he doesn't mind grocery shopping with kids

a few of the many reasons I love my husband

  • he still fixes coffee for me every morning
  • he cuts my toenails
  • he's learned to love running partly because he knows I love it
  • he willingly visits my grandmother
  • he serves in the nursery at church sometimes when I can't do it
  • he picks on my mom the same way he picks on me sometimes
  • he offers to take the kids to school or pick them up on days when I'm late
  • he listens to my dad
  • he likes chocolate
  • he takes care of the car issues
  • he randomly bought me a subscription to Runner's World after he saw one of my tweets
  • he takes care of annoying insurance problems
  • he reads good books and recommends them to me
  • he has learned to eat pimento cheese with me
  • he goes to the kids' school things
  • he doesn't make committments without asking me first
  • he puts up with my mood swings


RLR said...

I'm impressed. I don't even grocery shop with my kids (well, as little as possible!).
Great list :)

Unknown said...

I taught him well!!!

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