Wednesday, September 2, 2009

49 days and counting

I had another OB appointment today which was very uneventful. There was nothing much new to report except she did confirm what I already knew, that being that the baby is already head down but kind of positioned slightly diagonal with it's butt to one side. The baby's heart rate was right at 154 -155 bpm. I was measuring perfectly on track for 33 weeks, weight gain was fine, blood pressure was fine, and urine was fine. Nothing special.

Except! Except that they went ahead and scheduled the remainder of my appointments today before I left. That is so exciting to me (and yes, I know I'm a dork). The end is in sight, people! Hallelujah!


merritt said...

Hooray for a good appointment! I had one today and have to tell you that Velcro's heartbeat was 154-155. And I'm having a boy. Just sayin'.....

Renee said...

how exciting!! glad your appt went well. :)

The Hughes' said...

That was a very exciting appointment for me as well, I loved opening my calendar and seeing everything scheduled out!! We must be sisters!

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