Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So my daughter loves her Uncle Seth tremendously. We already knew this, but it was certainly reinforced tonight after dinner.

I was just sitting with her on the couch looking at a huge stack of pictures taken over the last year that I've just had developed. She got to a picture of my dad and Seth playing horseshoes at Julianna's birthday party earlier this year and she paused and said, "There's Uncle Seth. I love Uncle Seth!"

Then came what perhaps could be one of the funniest things I have heard her say this year. She kissed his picture and said, "I'll always believe in you, Seth."

Sure, it's probably something she picked up from a movie. But still, I think it's hilarious.


I was sitting in the rocking chair the other day and Jules came up to give me a gentle push. She started singing "Rock A Bye Baby" and I asked her if she was going to rock her baby brother or sister in a few months.

She thought about it for a second and then replied, "No! Then he will poop on me!"


Whenever Jonathan or I go get our hair cut and Julianna has to go with us, she pretty much insists that she get hers cut too. I don't want to ever have to battle with her for a hair cut if I can help it so we often just put her up in the chair and let her get hers pretend-cut too.

Today, both Jonathan and I were working so she stayed with Nanna and Pap and they had hair appointments. They had already been warned about her saying this. Of course, Julianna told them on the way that she wanted hers cut too and while Nanna was having her hair done Jules loudly declared, "Pap, I'm going to have five hairs cut next!"


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