Wednesday, September 23, 2009

better late than never, right?

These pictures are from two weeks ago.  
Here are some shots from Julianna's first day of preschool this year.

my big girl

her Disney Princess backpack

riding in her new big girl booster seat on the way to school

before going in to school, so excited she can hardly 
stand still long enough for a picture

the first thing she did was run in and flop down 
on the couch in her classroom

for lunch after preschool she wanted to make a 
chicken salad whale sandwich

She's in a small class this year (which I like a lot better). She's at a new school and she's the only girl in her 
class. Some days there are three other boys and some days there are only two other boys in there with her. I 
think it's a much more manageable group of 3 year olds than the 13 kid class she was in last year.

She seems to like it as well. On the second day she went to school my mom took her since I had to work.  
Apparently, Jules told Nanna right away when she walked in the class, "Look Nanna! That's the boy I'm going 
to marry!"

Daddy says he needs to run a background check first.

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