Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Big Sister

Written and posted by my husband, Jonathan.

Julianna and I have been planning to get a present for her new brother or sister. Yesterday, when I came home, Courtney told me that she suggested that Julianna buy the new baby a stuffed animal. She has always been attached to a little lamb named Lucy (named after the friend that gave it to her). Jules then says, "momma, I want to give the baby Lucy." Courtney waited, expecting a proposal to buy a new one for her, but it never came. It was a sincere and heartless offer. Throughout the evening, we both expected her to return the crib where Lucy had been deposited and retrieve her. At bedtime, we climbed into bed about to start our night time book. I saw Julianna instinctively look around for Lucy among her other friends (Lasso, little Lucy, Ralph, and Bean). Nothing was said as she scooped up Lasso and little Lucy and slid between the covers. After our story, Jules had a look of deep thought or concentration on her face. After asking "what's wrong," she paused and said, "daddy, I should have given the baby little Lucy instead of big Lucy." Well, the regretful look on her face coupled with this extremely mature logic melted my heart. I told her that the baby would love either of her friends and we could switch them out if she wanted. We switched big Lucy for little Lucy and life goes on. While there will be fights in the future over toys and territory, the fact that she wanted to give up her most prized possession for a sibling that she has yet to meet makes my heart swell.

Thanks Jules, I love you.


Jack Miller said...

She makes me cry tears of joy!

Renee said...

that is so sweet

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