Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ellie/Josh update

Five weeks and one day to go.  Bullets this morning because I'm too lazy and tired.
Pregnancy news:
  • I have no dark line down my belly, but I do have an outtie belly button now.  When I was pregnant with Julianna I got the dark line but my belly button never popped out.
  • I've gained about 37 pounds. With Jules I gained 39 total.  Have I mentioned that there are still five weeks to go?  Someone help me please; I am miserable.
  • I've had less leg cramps this time around, but much more trouble with the peeing too many times at night thing.
  • This time I've noticed that the baby is moving less at is grows. Well, not really moving less, just differently. Like it is stretching instead of flailing around in there. I didn't notice that before.
  • I've also had less nosebleeds this time, but I'd imagine that's because it's SUMMERfreakin'HOT and not dry winter like it was when I was preggo with Jules.
  • This baby definitely likes to lean off to one side, my right side, and I don't remember Julianna doing that.
  • Oh yeah, this.  I am tired of eating my nightly Tums tablets, as I was when pregnant the first time.
  • I go to the doctor today and every week until the baby arrives.  The past few times the baby has been measuring closer to just-slighter-bigger-than-normal instead of OMG-a-lot-bigger-than-normal.
  • My sister started a baby pool for everyone to guess the baby's birth date.  The tie-breaker will be the weight and sex.  It is interesting to see what people think and it will be even more exciting to see who's right.  Most people have bet on a 9+ lb baby boy and most people are guessing that I will deliver before my official 10/22 due date.  If you'd like an invitation to join the pool, leave me a comment.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Isn't it amazing how different pregnancies can be! It's even more amazing how different babies can be! I can't wait to meet him/her! I'd love an invite to the pool! Sounds like fun! :-)

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