Saturday, September 26, 2009

an open letter

Dear Tums,

I love you. You work like magic.  I am thoroughly amazed at how quickly and effectively you stop the stomach acid from rising into my throat and granted, you don't work for extended periods of time, but you do bring instant relief and for that I am grateful.  Whoever invented you is considered a genius in my book and my hugely pregnant body thanks you.

Yours for at least another 3 weeks,


Jerri said...

i hear ya on this! i finally gave in and bought some tonight. one really big bottle of tums and a small thing of the soft chews from PLUS a whole new bottle of Tylenol. all of which is parked right beside my bed...only like 2-3 weeks left for you...and a whoppin 30 weeks for me!!! geezz no fair

kelly b said...

That is just hilarious!!!! also, try gum, the saliva cuts down on the acidity and works for a while. the big day is not far away :) yipee for us!

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