Tuesday, September 8, 2009

you mean I haven't told you my embarrassing story about our trip to McDonald's yet?

I'm sorry.

I've really neglected you.

Here goes. Please don't laugh.

Actually, laugh all you want. I'll happily be the butt of your jokes. You're welcome.

Now, a couple of weeks ago when school started again and I had to go back to work subbing, Jonathan and I talked it up with Julianna and tried to get her excited about us being gone all day and then her own school starting soon. We promised her that if she was a good girl for Nanna and Pap that first day back that we would go somewhere fun after work that night.

Well, she definitely took the bait. She was completely fine with us both being gone and she played happily all day. When we got home we had no plans for dinner and were wracking our brains for some place to go that would be "fun" but also not too expensive.

We thought of everything: Chuck E Cheese, picnic at the park, mall playplace, ice cream shop, etc. Where did Julianna decide she wanted to go?

Old McDonald's and the pet store, of course.

So off to good old Micky D's we went.

I was starving from being at work all day and not used to not snacking every three hours. Wait. What? I know it's the babt that's supposed to eat every three hours, not the pregnant mom, but sadly that had become my routine.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to try the new angus burger that I kept seeing advertised despite knowing that it is probably a heart attack waiting to happen. [I'm taking full advantage of this being my last pregnancy, you see.] And because we hadn't had an abundance of vegetables lately, my husband decided he would have a salad and he asked to share some fries. He doesn't even really eat salads so that was pretty unusual, but nevertheless he ordered it and then got Julianna a Happy Meal. After we had ordered the cashier looked us all over and said...

wait for it...

"Who's having the #12?"

When I answered that I was. She just smiled and punched the order in.

Yes, my husband eats chicken salads at McDonald's, but I get the Angus Burger combo. That my friends, is probably the funniest things that a McDonald's cashier has ever said to me.

And I will tell you without a doubt that it was worth every single stinkin' calorie.

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Southern Savvy said...

I've had the #12 too! I'm taking full advantage just in case this is my last pregnancy as well. I don't want to have any regrets. Of course, I might regret it after the baby is born. But, for now I'm content. :)

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