Friday, September 25, 2009

three point five

Three and a half is

  • using big words like "concocted" and "multicolored"
  • independence shown in fun-for-mommy ways like, "I'm never gonna drink that milk"
  • writing letters all by herself and drawing pictures that are beginning to resemble real objects instead of just scribbles
  • adventure seeking
  • wearing 5T clothes and STILL growing like a weed
  • imagination and creativity - making up and telling lots and lots of stories to yourself each day
  • lots of pretend play - doctor and house
  • embarrassing your parents by saying things like, "Let's go over there and see that old, old, old man."
  • obsession and fascination with the unusual (i.e. bloody, scary faces and masks out for Halloween)
  • prancing, posing, and eye-lash fluttering for attention
  • able to type on the computer and change the font color and style, plus play kindergarten and first grade level games with ease
  • still ornery without a nap and ten hours of sleep at night
  • old enough to dress herself

  • mean as a snake
  • pre-reading (making the first letter sounds of each word as she sees it and then declaring proudly what other words begin with that letter)
  • still has trouble sharing, but certainly has the concept down
  • full of love and the desire to please others

Happy Half-Birthday, Jules!

1 comment:

Nanna said...

Helpful, loving and adorable as always...but I am partial!

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