Tuesday, February 23, 2010

four months

Dear Joshua,

Last night you had a photo shoot in the bathtub with your sister. It was absolutely melt-my-heart cute. I am trying to start a bedtime routine with you this month of bath, book, nurse, bed and hope that that will allow you to go down easier for the night. After putting two kids to bed most nights your daddy needs a break!

You just turned four months old and you are the most fun little boy there ever was. I truly believe it. I remember loving this age with your sister and it is already a treat with you as well.

You go to the pediatrician for your four month check up next week so I will know more about your length and weight then, but I am guessing you are still at the top of the charts. Your thighs are as chunky as can be and you love to grab your fat rolls when I change your diaper. You haven’t found your feet yet, but that’s probably coming soon.

Your hair from birth is still falling out and the new hair growth is amazing. It’s coming in so fast and it’s a lighter brown than the hair you were born with. Your eyes are now fully brown like your sister’s.

Over the last few weeks you’ve learned to roll from your front to your back. I can tell that you want to roll from your back to your front, but you haven’t managed to do it yet. Tummy time isn’t so much of a pain anymore as you don’t quite fuss as much as you used to. It won’t be long before you won’t stay on your tummy at all. For now I am enjoying still being able to lay you on the couch or bed and walk away for a brief minute and come back to you still there.

You still sleep from about 10pm to either 4 or 5am and get up for the day between 7 and 8. We’ve been working really hard on getting a longer morning nap in the crib and we’ve let you cry a bit to learn to soothe yourself to sleep. It’s not going too well and quite honestly, it’s driving me crazy. I’m thinking I’m going to have to get you some sort of lovey to hang on to since you love holding our fingers as you fall asleep.

We’ve gotten the Jumperoo and walker out for you and you absolutely love the ability to be upright. Of course, you can’t really move the walker too much yet.  Nevertheless, you still love sitting in it and knawing on the toy bar. (I think you’re about to cut some bottom teeth.).  You also fly around in the jumpy thing and It makes me keep thinking about how much fun you’ll be at the beach this summer as you crawl all over the place.

We also had to get the high chair down from the attic for you to be able to see us while we eat dinner. The bouncy seat on the floor just wasn’t cutting it anymore. You have to be able to see your sister almost all the time as she already enthralls you.

If we sit you down somewhere and go about whatever it is we’re doing you will often “talk” to us. You’ll go, “oooooo,” or “bbbbbrrr,” or even, “gggaaahhhh.” The funniest noises you make are when we tickle you. You are quite the ticklish little fella. Your arms, legs, feet, and tummy are all really ticklish and it’s not difficult at all to get you to just laugh and laugh.

Little Buddy, I am so glad to get to share this time with you as you grow.  You bring great joy to my life.




Southern Savvy said...

Sounds like you're having fun! Is he close to starting on some solid foods or are you waiting a bit longer? Dang, it's hard to get two kids into bed at night isn't? I think that it will be easier when I can throw both of mine into the tub at the same time!

Anna Ruth said...

He always looks so happy. I love his smile looking up at you.

julie said...

Love the pictures - especially that last one! What a cutie pie Josh is! And Jules... well, do I even need to make my usual comment that she's getting so big?! :) I wish I had a better record of what R&D were doing at each age. I took tons of pics but I wasn't very good at writing down the actual milestones, habits, likes/dislikes, etc. Jules and Josh will appreciate this so much someday!

Jerri said...

ok so for some reason the last pic of josh in the bouncer kept stricking me weird and then i relized i have a pic of jackson and i think their right at the same age and they look sooo much a like. im gonna send it to you. jackson's doesn't show his full body cause brit is the one in it trying to make him laugh but really its their smiles that look the same....:-D

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