Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Julianna asked Jonathan when he was putting her to bed one night, "Daddy, did you build our house or did you buy it?"  "I bought it," he told her.  "Well, where did you buy it?" came her reply.  He said, "I bought it right here."  "But WHERE did you buy it?" she insisted.  "Julianna," he said, "it was already here.  I bought it RIGHT HERE."


Jules: Mama, I had a sweet dream last night.  Do you wanna know what it was about?
Me: Sure, babe.
Jules: I dreamed Joshua came in my room and got on my bed and tickled me.


On the way to school one day Julianna said, "Mama, did you know that we all have white words on our teeth?"  "We do?" I asked.  She said, "Yeah, we do."  "How do you know that?" "God telled me so." "He did?" I asked her.  "Yes," she said.  "How did they get there?" "God put them there when he made us," she said.  "He did?" I asked.  "Yeah."  "What do they say?"  "Well, we all have different words on our teeth.  The white words on my teeth say 'princesses'."  "Okay....," I nodded.


We have a problem with mice in our attic and Jonathan has caught about six so far.  At least we think that might be it for now because it's been several days since he caught one.  Anyway, Julianna wanted to know why we had to get rid of the mice and why we had to kill them.  After Jonathan explained she suggested that we just put a piece of cheese outside and then they would stay out there.

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