Thursday, February 18, 2010

if you're in the Piedmont Triad area

Let me tell you about From Art to Zebras.  I love this place!  Julianna has been a couple of times.  First, she made Christmas tree ornaments for all of her teachers and later she painted a cup and plate for cookies for Santa.  I keep meaning to have her go to one of the story times on Friday afternoons, but I always forget.  There they read a story and do a specific craft that relates to the story.  They also have a snack and it's usually only about $9/hour - a great deal, I think.  This week it's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, one of Julianna's favorites.

They have tons of classes, even classes for homeschoolers and they also have a place to build-your-own stuffed animals (less $ than that place at the mall, too).  The people there are great - very enthusiastic and friendly.  I highly recommend you check it out!
If you are on Facebook you should become a fan of From Art to Zebras.  They're always giving away great prizes and this month's is the best!  It's a Spring Break Mini-Party for your child and 3 of their friends to take place one morning or early afternoon during their spring break.  It will be a custom playdate made just for your child!  It will be 60 minutes of activities ranging from art projects to stuffing your own zebras, and everything in between!  It is valued at up to $125.  

If you become a fan please make sure you comment on their Facebook wall and tell them I referred you and then we'll both be entered into the drawing. The drawing ends on Monday, February 22!  Good luck!

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