Friday, February 12, 2010

a story for daddy

by Jules

I’m going to write a story to you.  

Once upon a time there was this man that had a can.  He loved to eat French meat.  And he was really good at untying stuff and he loved to eat candy all the time.  He didn’t eat food that we eat.  He was a man that had cans and he liked to eat shrimp.  Sometimes he ate shrimp and the other times he ate junk food.  He loved to drink juice all the time and he did not stop.  

He just went on a train ride one day.  When he was going on a train ride a wolf was greedy and he was mean.  So he jumped on the train and he got the man and gobbled him up.  And then the wolf spit him back out and the man went home and then he got his sword and went back on the train ride.  The man was still in the basket that he was in and he got his sword out and wacked it at the wolf and made the wolf die.
The End.

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