Monday, February 15, 2010

sometimes you DO know what you're gonna get

Jonathan bought both Julianna and I a box of chocolate candy for Valentine's Day and Julianna was so excited when she opened it.  She asked him, "Do they have nuts in them?"  He told her that I could tell her what each one had inside and which ones were yucky or not.  "Watch and learn," he said.

Well, she ate her allotted two pieces for the day and before bed last night my mom asked her if she had a good Valentine's Day.  "Did you get some candy?" she asked.  Julianna's reply surprised her. 

Jules explained, "Yeah and my mom's a GENIUS! She knows which ones are good and which ones are not.  Yeah she can just look at them and know the candies that have nuts and which ones don't have nuts.  She's like a genius!"

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