Sunday, July 11, 2010

no, it's NOT Carolina blue

We stripped wallpaper and painted our family room/den last weekend.  We had a group of friends willing to help on Friday night so it went pretty quickly.  We got all the wallpaper down before bed on Friday night and then we sanded and taped Saturday morning.  By Saturday evening, Jonathan had the whole room painted with two coats and we put the room back together after the kids were in bed.

And in case you were wondering before and after pictures are below.  I'm pleased with the results and while I won't be doing any other rooms in our house any time soon, I do look forward to seeing the finished product of them.  We have so many rooms that have late eighties/early nineties wallpaper on the walls.  Even though I know it's sort of coming back in style, I still think wallpaper is just nasty and I won't put any up ever in my life.

Also, please ignore my piles of clean laundry on the sofa and the fact that I forgot to take the before pictures until after we had removed the pictures from the wall and disassembled the couch.

Julianna didn't seem to mind the new location for the sofa.  The TV works just as good when you look at it from here.

We had to fence this one in to keep him from eating tiny strips of wallpaper.

They played surprisingly well together in their little fort.

Of course, the lighting is not great in these pictures so you really can't tell the actual color, but nevertheless here's what it looks like now.

The best part of all of it was when Jonathan told me that Julianna had asked him, "Daddy, why are there robot parts on our walls?" The he told me that she was talking about the switch plate covers being off.


merritt said...

Pretty! I think it looks great!

Anna Ruth said...

It looks so good. Blue is always a nice color:)

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