Monday, July 5, 2010

up to

OK I guess I owe you guys a more substantial post than a sentence or two (or heaven forbid just a phonophoto).  What?  You haven't noticed my absences?  If that's the case, please don't tell me.  So anyway, here's what I've been up to:

  • loving on my babies: Over the past couple of weeks we have
    • visited the Children's Museum
    • went to the pool with my SIL
    • Julianna went to dance camp
    • had a cookout with our friends at a different pool
    • Julianna attended Oonie Koonie Cha (music camp) last week
    • we went to the beach for five days and met up with some friends of ours that were in town from Florida
    • spent the Fourth of July at Carowinds
    • certainly NOT loving on my husband: We see each other what seems like 5 minutes a day and are in desperate need of a weekend away for just the two of us.  He started a new job two weeks ago after ten years at his old one and I'm sure that his stress level could use an adjustment soon as well.
    • exercising: I'm trying to get in a minimum of 15 minutes per day.  I registered for a triathlon that's in seven weeks.  Yikes!
    • Bible Study: I've also been trying to get back to regularly reading my Bible.  So far so good.

    • Texas Hold 'Em: One of our friends planned a surprise party for her husband's 30th birthday and it was a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament at a nearby hotel.  It was loads of fun and he was totally surprised.  I wish I had taken some pictures but sadly I did not.  We had planned on leaving early but honestly, I couldn't make myself leave with chips still on the table so we played it out and Jonathan won the whole tournament.  Fun times!
    • This week my motto is going to be STAY HOME!  I also hope this is going to be my blogging comeback.  I've missed it!

    1 comment:

    Anna Ruth said...

    I love this post with your thoughts and what you have been up to. You are one busy lady.

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