Wednesday, July 7, 2010

one time at dance camp

Julianna went to dance camp the week before last.  I heard about it just after school got out and I figured that after the enthusiasm she showed for her real dance recital then this week-long camp would be perfect for her.  It gave her a chance to be a girly girl which is something she rarely has an opportunity to do since most of the kids she's around are boys.  Plus, the only other girl from our church small group was going to be attending as well and I thought it would be great for them to have a chance to play together outside of Journey Group.

As far as I could tell, she really loved the camp.  It was held at a nearby church.  There were only a small group of girls that came and the teachers really crammed the week full of activity.  They did all kinds of arts and crafts in addition to learning three dance routines (including one cheer-leading routine) and practicing splits and back bends, etc.  I loved that it exposed her to a variety of activities since she may or may not want to continue taking dance lessons in the fall and now she knows a little more about other options (even though I thought we were going to run a one mile road race for the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission later this month and now all she'll commit to doing is getting some pom-poms and being our cheerleader on the sidelines).  We continue to discuss that I suppose.

The little show they put on at the end of the week was great fun to watch.   I know that she expected a big stage and large crowd like there was at her other dance recital, but after we talked about it she was fine with it all I think.  Although I also know that she would have LOVED to have another trophy like the one Extravadance gave her.

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