Monday, October 21, 2013

four is...


  • is super sneaky and likes to hide from everyone that comes over
  • can dress himself completely
  • is a hilarious dancer
  • likes to demand candy
  • is growing like a weed
  • is full of sass and backtalk
  • has learned his phone number and address
  • can buckle his seatbelt but cannot unbuckle it
  • continues to play bashful often
  • usually says "please" and "thank you"
  • is a master negotiator
  • is fascinated with Wreck It Ralph
  • is a much better eater than he was at three, but he still likes someone to feed him
  • doesn't want to be the baby, yet wants to be the baby
  • can hit 100 tennis balls in a half hour
  • loves to call people "rat mouth"
  • probably knows more words to songs than I do
  • cares for his sister more than anyone else in the world
  • naps infrequently
  • is plenty of fun

photo credit: Marilyn Miller

1 comment:

Beth Cotell said...

And four is as cute as a button! (And I love that he cares for his sister so much. So sweet!)

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