Thursday, October 17, 2013

Help! I need your Disney tips

My daughter is taking the test for AG placement today.  It surprises me that I'm not nervous.  Each time I think about it, I don't even dwell on it at all.  Something might be wrong with me.

She and I have been making bracelets on the Rainbow Loom that everyone seems to have these days. Actually, I made one bracelet and then she took over while I sorted the bands into an egg carton.  It was nice quality time spent with my girl (and Josh had fun shooting the rubber bands all over the room).

My brain is all over the place today.

You know what?  After school detention really stinks.  For the teacher and the students.  It's kind of like when your child does something wrong and as a parent you have to punish them but the punishment turns out to be worse on the parent than it does the child.

OK, last thing before I go.  I need some tips for Disney. I'm too lazy to go read all of those Disney websites. We're staying on the property for an entire week and we will have a meal plan. We're flying. Anyone got any advice? Any big secrets I should know about? Specific places to eat?  Carry a backpack with water bottles? Souvenir shortcuts? What else?

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