Tuesday, October 29, 2013

why do all of my posts involve lots of food?

I wanted to go to the Lexington BBQ Festival this past Saturday but my family didn't want to go.  So we stayed around the house for most of the afternoon and Sunday morning.  We did go to church on Saturday night like usual.

I finally told them they on Sunday that didn't have a choice and they were going to have to go with me to the Burke Street Food Truck Festival for lunch.  No one wanted to go with me but this foodie wasn't going to miss two food festivals in one weekend so I made them go.

The kids wanted nothing to eat, except of course, Josh wanted ice cream.  We ordered macaroni & cheese bites and I got a chipotle pimento cheeseburger that was delicious.

The kids hated the macaroni bites although I couldn't figure out what there was not to like about fried cheese.

After we left there we ended up at Dairio, a local burger joint so they could order burgers and fries and get their ice cream.

On Saturday afternoon we carved pumpkins in Salem Square. Josh made the 3 bears and Julianna decorated hers with the symbols from a deck of cards.

We used cookie cutters and rubber mallets to make it easier for the kids.

Nanna made a fish for her pumpkin.

Sunday night we went trick-or-treating in Old Salem. They have offered that several years in the past but this was our first year going to it.

They put the pumpkins all along the fence in Old Salem and they light them up for the trick-or-treating night.  It was such a pretty sight.

It was very crowded, but baby Jane got to come for her first Halloween and we got some cute pictures of the kids so that was fun.

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Beth Cotell said...

Do they do the food trucks at Burke Street every weekend?

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