Wednesday, October 2, 2013

trail runs and sweet notes

On Saturday my half marathon training group had a recovery run scheduled for seven miles. Some of the group was doing the Salem Lake Trail Race but we decided to just get up earlier and go run Salem Lake Trail without racing.

It was absolutely gorgeous.  I love running in this kind of weather. Perfectly cool and beautiful views.

My dad ran with me and for a long time at the beginning I couldn't keep up with him.

There was also a 30k going on that morning as well. After we finished our run, Jonathan and the kids met us and we handed out water and Gatorade to some of the 30k racers. Julianna helped but Josh mostly sat and avoided talking to people.

Some cute little boy brought me a note at one point.

Not much could have started my day off better.

1 comment:

Beth Cotell said...

Salem Lake is a beautiful place. We've biked there a couple of times too!

Love the little note!

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