Wednesday, December 7, 2005

another to do list

It is going to be a good day. I can tell. So far this morning I have already cleaned the kitchen up a bit, started some laundry, paid bills, and made it to school on time. For some reason I am feeling very rested this morning and ready for the day. This afternoon I am going to see my grandmother and help her with some computer stuff after the LONG Student Council meeting. We had a nice dinner last night with Karen and Travis and hopefully I can get home in time to make something for dinner tonight too. That will be 3 nights in a row - a new record!

I do have a lot of papers to grade. I am getting further and further behind on school stuff. I am way ahead with Christmas stuff and way far behing with work stuff. Anyway, at least this weekend should be another kinda slow one. I have to work on Saturday morning and I have stamp club on Sunday afternooon but other than that I should be able to catch up on school work, sleep, and house cleaning.

Nothing new is going on with the baby. I just feel like a marshmallow. Just not a squishy one.

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