Thursday, December 8, 2005

the Goodyear Blimp & birthing classes

Yesterday was a good day. I got a lot done and it went by quickly. We had a nice dinner last night with the whole family and I got to go by and see my grandmother. I really didn't sleep well last night though. I had several really bad leg cramps. They were so bad that I had to jump out of bed and do a jig and try not to fall at the same time. I'm up 18 pounds now and it seems I can't stop growing. Today I am wearing the most "maternity-like" shirt that I have and I look like the Goodyear Blimp. Oh well.

So the other night I heard these loud noises that sounded like they were coming from downstairs. Jonathan go up to go look at what it was and we remembered that we'd left the cat inside for once since it was so cold outside. He couldn't find the cat until he came back upstairs and heard him in the nursery. We went in and looked and the cat was all sprawled out in the crib. I guess he found a warm place to sleep, but must have tried several times unsuccessfully to get in because he had made quite a racket. So we popped him and put him out. Now the nursery door stays closed when we're not there and we are going to have to start training him with a spray bottle to stay out of it when we're home. I have heard stories about cats getting in cribs and such, but hopefully it won't be a problem.

I signed J and I up for the "Birth and Beginnings" class at the hospital for January. It is a $90 class for 5 weeks in a row where they teach you all about delivery techniques, give you tours of the hospital, talk about breastfeeding, etc. Let the baby bills begin. I just hope that it is worthwhile because I have heard that some are not.

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