Friday, December 9, 2005

so much to do, so little time

It's finally Friday! I'm free again! Got my motor running for a wild weekend... Well not really. A slow weekend, but when you're almost 6 months pregnant a slow weekend becomes a wonderful one! Last night I was sooooo soooo very sick again. I think it was the fact that I drank over 36 ounces of white grape juice at work yesterday and that made my stomach very unhappy. I feel much better today although last night was awful! I REALLY didn't want to work at Curves, but somehow I managed.

I had a hard time finding something to wear this morning. It's getting to be that I only have a select few pairs of pants that really fit. Then you have to find the kind of coordinating shirt that will go over top of it and cover the maternity waist band. Ugh. Why did I ever think this would be fun?! I also had another small teary eyed evening on the couch when I got home from Curves. I was just feeling so terrible and I'm so emotional that I couldn't help it. Then I waited too late to get up this morning because I thought we would have a 2 hour delay, but of course not. So I was already late and then I spent forever trying to find something to wear that didn't make me look too much more like a wide load.

The babycenter website said yesterday, "Your baby weighs about a pound and a half and is around 13 and a half inches long. She has more hair on her head, and if you could see it you'd know what color and texture it is." How cool is that? I know that she will probably have dark, straight hair and dark eyes. And she'll probably be chubby! :)

I am almost to the 100 day mark. I can't wait! I think I will be fine once school gets out for Christmas though and I can sleep late and then take my time getting ready to go wherever it is I need to go. Then I will worry about January, February, and the beginning of March. I just know I need to start on my lesson plans soon. I also want to get the birth announcements finished and start stamping and return-addressing thank you note envelopes. Maybe I can work on that some this weekend or at Curves tomorrow morning. Nothing much else is going on. This afternoon mom and I are going to pick up whit's graduation gift. What fun!

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