Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i can't wait to meet my little girl

My doctor's appointment yesterday went very well. I got to hear the heart beat again which is always fun. I have now gained 18.5 pounds which she said wasn't bad. I just hope I can only gain 0.5- 1.0 pounds per week for the rest of the pregnancy. I want to only gain a total of under 30. They also told me that my blood pressure was good and that my belly was measuring perfectly. When I asked about all of the nose bleeds she said that I need to get a humidifier and put it in the bedroom and also use some saline nasal spray about ten times a day which sounds oh-so-exciting. Anyway, I go back in about ten days for the glucose screening test for gestational diabetes.

I put the rest of the pictures up from the girl's baby shower for me. Most of them are blurry, but they're still worth looking at. I have a lot going on for the rest of the week and I'm really not sleeping very well. I will be very thankful when next week gets here. I have a long staff meeting and student council meeting today. Tomorrow I work at curves. Friday is the Middle School 7-11 Christmas party and Saturday Whit's graduation thingy. Sunday is the Glenola Christmas play and Memamma's get-together. Only 5 days of school left and under 100 'til we meet Julianna! :)

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