Monday, December 19, 2005

happy 8 years, baby!

I enjoyed a couple of snow days and delays last week, which was very nice. I had a busy weekend and wasn't feeling very well so I especially appreciated the extra time off. It's also nice because I don't have to make up any of the days that we miss since I will be out on maternity leave. :) Of course that means days without pay, but at this point I don't care.

I had a great weekend too. Despite being sick I managed to make it through the student council party Friday night and my dear husband was nice enough to chaperone with me. We had a wonderful lunch on Saturday to celebrate Whit's graduation. She has her second interview with a Forsyth County school tomorrow and maybe will have a decision by then. Then on Sunday we went to church and another Christmas party. Only 2 days left and school is out! I can't wait because I have to have some time to get started on these lesson plans.

Today should be a great day. Eight years ago today, my hubby and I went on our first "date." It also helps that I only have 2 classes today because of high school exams and a 6th grade field trip to see "The Chronicles of Narnia." Even though I have to work at curves tonight I should get a lot done because of the extra planning time. I want to try to get my grades all done and entered into the grading system. Then I should be able to start on lesson plans for March.
Well, I was up to 20 lbs this morning. It makes me sad, but I suppose it could be worse. Maybe after Christmas I will "lose" a pound or two. At least I haven't had any nosebleeds since we got the humidifier and nasal spary last week. On Thursday last week Whitter helped me move a lot of the baby stuff into the nursery. We organized all of the baby clothes that I have gotten and now I just need to start washing them. A friend that works here for the church came and offered me two nice infant car seats this morning. He said that the church gave them to him last year when they had their baby and she's already outgrown them. I thought that was really nice and we haven't gotten any of that kind of stuff yet so I am excited.

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