Wednesday, February 1, 2006

february finally

The reminder for today on the Baby Center website says, "February 1: Call your health insurance company to find out how to add the baby to your plan." Oops! That's one more thing I need to do. All of these things keep popping up that I would never remember to do on my own. I don't know what people do without these reminders. Anyway, Jonathan had to fill out his flexible spending account paperwork last night and we were pretty much just having to make a guess about how much to contribute because we don't know what all money we'll need for medical stuff once Julianna is born and for the rest of the year. He did remind me of going back on birth control which I hadn't thought about in a while and it made me think about having awful cramps, etc again. I'm so pathetic, aren't I?

Tomorrow is groundhog day and we haven't even had winter yet at all. I don't know if I am sad or glad about that. I really hate cold weather, but as a teacher I like snow days. There are only 27 school days left until spring break and I'm sure that some snow any time between now and then would be appreciated, but then it can just go away once the baby is born! I'm counting down...

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