Friday, February 17, 2006


I finally got around to updating the pictures page. There are some really amusing ones of me. Anyway, I added more to the nursery page, belly page, Glenola shower page, and I put up the Porter shower pictures. Take a look when you have some time.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I am hoping that I can be really productive and get a lot of stuff done. Although I am exhausted, I know that there are necessary things that I have to do SOON (like pack my hospital bags). I don't have any real scheduled plans which is a good thing. I want to try to make myself stay at home and get some work done! Our house is filthy! Not to mention that I really need to get the birth announcements finished and addressed this weekend, finalize some lesson plans, and get our taxes to the accountant.

Anyway, I had another decent night's sleep last night. My back hurts pretty much every day now and it is really difficult to get up and down (especially off of the floor). My belly button has started pooching out a lot now. It is ugly and my belly is red. But at least I'm not on bed rest. There is a woman here that works for student ministries at the church who was due in April and she was put on bed rest last week after she went into premature labor at 31 weeks. I guess I am glad that I can still work because we need the money, but I am also glad that I only have two more nights at Curves and I am ready! Maybe I can get some small exercise in this weekend while I still have some control over my time... we'll see.

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