Thursday, February 16, 2006

food, food, everywhere

Jonathan, Whit, Seth, and I had a nice dinner at Mellow Mushroom last night. It was good to get out and about somewhere new, but it was also tiring for me. I came home and slept really, really well. I can't quite figure out what the secret is yet, but at least I still have one or two nights a week like that. I was starving by dinner time since all I had for lunch was yogurt and girl scout cookies. I ate a couple of strawberries when I came home from school but by the time we got our pizza I was beyond hungry. Anyway, it was yummy and I recommend it for anyone who hasn't been yet!

As I type this little Julianna is hiccupping away. The poor thing has to be smothered in there. It is so tight and she is so huge! I am running out of clothes that fit, but I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes for just one more month! Jonathan reminded me this morning that I have a rubbermaid bin full of maternity clothes that Allison gave me. :)

Today is teacher goodie day in the workroom. Guess I will gain another pound after today. Oh well. I'm still counting the days. I only have three weeks of school left after tomorrow. Let's hope it snows on Monday so that we can get a couple of days off too. :) Well, I don't know anything else good today and I have lots of work to do before I meet with my maternity leave sub again today.

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