Tuesday, February 28, 2006

random stuff

Oh my goodness! What a day this has been so far! It has started out as one CRAZY day! I cannot emphasize enough how glad I will be when next Friday comes! Eight and a half days and counting...

Well, yesterday I made a good dent in my lesson plans for maternity leave. I went over to feed mom and dad's cats and stayed to work on them for 2.5 hours. I still have to finish the 6th grade plans and then I am done with the lesson plan part. After that I will have to get all of the originals of all of the handouts that the sub will need as well as all of the files together on a CD for her. Fun times. At least the monumental task is seeming smaller.

Mom and Dad are in sunny Florida for a couple of days. I wish I was there. It would be so nice to relax my enormous body on a lounge chair for hours with a good book. They would probably think I was a beached whale. Anyway, I am jealous but I am glad that they are taking a much needed vacation. My birthday is Sunday and I haven't hardly thought about it one bit. I guess that's how things go the older you get. All I want is to make sure I get a good piece of cake. I have two friends from college coming to visit this Saturday so maybe I can get something good to eat with them.

I finished my Bible Study last week so this week I am feeling a tad bit lost. I am going to make an effort tonight to just read some out of a random book in the Bible until I get another actual organized topic to study.

OK so this lady that retired last year after teaching some 30 years here at Calvary just stopped by my room to say hi (she still subs occasionally) and anyway she started talking to me about nursing. She said that she was advised by her doctor to try to calm her nerves before breastfeeding by having a beer. She said that it really worked and that she doesn't even drink, but she did it for all three of her kids and they are just fine. She said that it really helped because the child could tell when you were calmer and as long as you're not tipsy (moderation is the key) she said that the doctor told her it wasn't harmful to the baby.

Well, I just think it is so hilarious the kind of advice you get when you're having a baby. Everyone has an opinion about something and usually they are conflicting, but I guess you find you own unique methods and whatever works for you just works for you. I know it will be worse when Julianna is actually born, but I do think it is so funny because this was coming from a 60-something year old retired Christian school teacher on "doctor's orders." So I decided to look it up on the La Leche League's website just now. It does say that alcohol in moderation is fine (no more than 2 drinks a day) but more than that can impede the milk production or be passed on to the baby through the milk. I don't know how that woman managed to keep it under 2 drinks a day though because you breastfeed at least every 2 - 3 hours. I also looked it up on the American Association of Pediatrics' website and they recommend no alcohol while breastfeeding. Sorry - curiousity got the best of me since her theory seemed so wacky.

That's all the fun I can provide for today. I have to get back to the daily grind. More later...

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