Thursday, February 23, 2006

getting there

I finally packed my bag for the hospital last night. The only major thing that I am missing is a gown. I hate gowns. I have a couple of old ratty ones but mostly I just sleep in t-shirts and shorts. I think maybe Allison gave me one a while ago but I will have to find it. Or maybe I will add it to my shopping list. Ugh. More to do. Anyway, at least I packed. Baby steps... baby steps.

I also made an enormous pot of soup last night and froze a good bit of it. That was good. I have had much better days the past two days. I have gotten stuff done and I have gotten back into a routine. I don't know why my attitude is better but I am glad to not have the moodiness.

Last night I didn't sleep well, however. My legs were hurting so badly! I don't know why. At least I haven't had a nose bleed in a long time. My feet are also really swollen each night, but my doctor's appointment yesterday went very well. It was a short and sweet visit and the "mean" doctor was nice. He didn't comment on my weight at all (or my smelly feet) even though I have gained a lot of weight in the last couple of weeks. (I am now up 32.5 pounds.) He did ask if I was familiar with the 4th floor of Forsyth Hospital. Then he just kept saying how I was an easy patient because I didn't have any questions. I did have the group B strep test done and will get results by next week about whether or not I will need antibiotics during the delivery. As Jonathan would say, "That's just one more thing to pay for." He jokes about how I can't have an epidural because it costs too much. :) Just wait til the little girl arrives...

Mom and Dad bought a jogging stroller yesterday and Whit is starting her running program back up today. How exciting! I am counting the days until we can take Julianna out with us. There are only about two weeks of school left until Spring Break and only about four left until Julianna's due date. It is getting so close! I know that she will grow up so fast too, but I am still really excited about it all.

So I read something really good in my Bible study this morning that I think I'll share. Ray Pritchard points out, "So many of us look at a difficult situation and pray, 'Lord, change my situation.' That's really not usually God's will. More often the difficult situation has come as a means of making us grow spiritually. God often brings difficulty into our lives to deepen our total dependence upon Him. When that happens, we ought to pray, 'Lord, change me so that I can face this situation.' That's a prayer God is pleased to answer." I have thought so many times recently, "Wow I might finally be over the hump of having all of this tough stuff to deal with," only to find out that there's just something else. Reading this this morning really helped me realize once again that those things are good for me. They make me a stronger person and closer to God. My prayer today is for God to change me, not my situations. Hope you all have a marvelous day!

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