Thursday, January 3, 2013

crochetting + unrelated hot dog tales

Julianna is learning to crochet.  She started a dishcloth at the beginning of December and took to it for a little while but eventually I think the frustration set in and she's since put it aside and not picked it up again.  I was actually surprised at how well she could do on her own, but maybe she needs to be a bit older before she will really want to spend the time on it.

She also got some cross stitch stuff for Christmas which I thought she would enjoy but so far has not been interested.  I remember loving to cross stitch as a child.  I'm sure picking out yarn colors and cross stich patterns will be something fun to do with her in the future.


On an unrelated note, you know how my Joshy is a picky eater?  Well something that he eats without fail is a corn dog.  If given the option he would always choose a corn dog over a hot dog but then he would pick the breading off and just eat the hot dog.  Weird. I know.

Then somewhere along the way he decided he didn't want any of the breading anymore.  For the last couple of months we sort of had a ritual going that after long runs on Saturdays we'd go by Cookout and order a couple of trays to share with the kids.  Who can beat a $10 meal for four, right?

At Cookout they sell both corn dogs and hot dogs and with the trays you can get a corn dog on the side but not a hot dog as a side item.  One day I asked if they could give me the hot dog plain (no bun just the dog) but they wouldn't do it.  Apparently the corn dogs are less expensive than the weenies by themselves.

I really don't understand.  Either the kid who wants the corn dog and not the breading or the fast food joint that will give me a corn dog but not a plain weenie.

And why is it that he'll eat a corn dog with no breading but not a plain hot dog? 

Did you have strange food quirks as a kid?  I remember for the longest time I never wanted my food to touch other foods on my plate.

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