Monday, January 21, 2013


Jonathan said, "Let's ask mom what she wants to do."
Josh replied, "She wants to make a caft."  (meaning craft)
Jonathan said, "Josh, why can't you say Rs?"
He answered, "Because I'm a Fruit Loop!"


Whitney and Seth kept the kids when we went to the movies and they started talking about The Wizard of Oz. Seth asked, "Have you seen The Wizard of Oz?" and Julianna answered, "Yeah, like fifty times."  Then Seth asked, "Well, what did the lion need?" and she answered, "Courage."  So Seth asked Josh, "Josh, what did the tin man need?" and Josh told him, "A heart." Again Seth asked, "What did the scarecrow need?" and they answered, "A brain."  Finally, he asked, "What did Dorothy need?" and Josh hollered, "A haircut!"


When I was unbuckling Joshua's seat-belt one evening after we got home he solemnly asked, "Mama, why do girls have big boobies?" and I'm getting to be such an expert at these kinds of questions so I explained that they need to feed their babies milk when they're born without missing a beat.  [Please hear the sarcasm that I intended there.]  Then he said, "Well, I have boobies too."  And later he said sadly, "But they're not big."

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