Tuesday, January 15, 2013


"Heeyyyy Sassy Lady!" is how my daughter sings her incorrect version of Gangnam Style.  I have debated on correcting this, but until I think of a good definition of the word "sexy" I most decidedly will not.


One night on the way home from dinner and errands Josh ask repeatedly when we would be home.  It's not like we were on the way home from the beach or anything, just dinner and the grocery store.  Anyway, after he'd asked both Jonathan and I no less than five times each I finally told him to look around and see if he could tell where we were.  Josh told me, "I'm in the car!"


Julianna has mentioned me having another baby a few times here and there over the last couple of months.  Probably because we've known several people having babies lately...  One day I corrected her in conversation with Josh when she was telling him something about me having another baby.  I immediately regretted it because she asked me how I knew I wouldn't have any more kids.  I just told her that I had asked the doctor to give me something to ensure I wouldn't have anymore babies.  She was satisfied with that answer for the time being.

Then one day she asked if a one year old could have a baby.  We talked about it casually and it was a pretty decent conversation laughing about a baby taking care of a baby.  (Whew! I was thinking I sure dodged that bullet!)

Several days later she asked me over dinner, "How does a girl make sure she doesn't have babies anymore?"


I think I said something along the lines of she can take medicine or have surgery... er.. something like that.  It's all foggy now.  We also talked about how not everyone could have babies.

She was once again satisfied, but guys, Mama is scared.  The conversations are only going to get worse!

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