Wednesday, January 9, 2013

chasing the boys

This is another one of those posts that I'll have to remove soon.  Still, I'd like to hear about other experiences with five, six, seven year old girls and boys.  Julianna has been mentioning boy-chasing for a while now.

She's told us multiple times that she hates recess and that she loves it when it's raining because they don't go outside at school.  During recess she sits alone away from all of the kids because the boys chase her or try to get her to chase them.

I found this article on about one mother's experience with her daughter and I read through the comments with eagerness.  I also read this article on your child's first crush.  Unfortunately, I'm no closer to knowing how to handle this properly.

My daughter is the only girl cousin on one side of our family.  She hangs out with five boys at every family get-together.  She was also the only girl in her preschool class for a year or two.  In addition, whenever we get together with my own cousins she's always falling all over a much older boy relative.

I'm sure this is just attention seeking behavior, but I still don't know what to say when my husband tells me he saw her kissing all over her cousin on New Year's Eve.  He talked to her about how [the boy cousin] may have been uncomfortable with her kissing on him.  She got angry and completely shut down.

I guess I could talk to her teacher but what would I say, "Have you noticed my daughter is boy crazy?"

One of the articles said you just just let the child know that it's ok to be "boyfriend/girlfriend" at this age, but it's not ok to kiss.  Is that really enough?  And what do I do about the cousin situations?

How do you correctly guide your young daughter's social interactions with boys without hurting her? How much do you discourage without actually encouraging?

Does anyone have any reading recommendations on young girls who have the boy crazies?  Or at least can someone reassure me that this is normal? 

Help! Please!  Before Daddy starts polishing the shotgun.

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RLR said...

Unfortunately, no words of wisdom here. My daughter is 6.5, my son 9. They both play with the two kids across the street (boys) - unfortunately, no girls her age nearby. I guess because she has an older brother, boys aren't all that exciting? Your daughter is older, right? As for my son - sometimes the kids at recess play in boy-girl groups, but he's mostly into playing ball or talking about airplanes and beyblades with his classmates. He has mentioned that the girls in his class talk about boyfriends, though.

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